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About Us

Since 2013, Haffo has provided more than 20 top-notch IT outsourcing solutions to its customers. Our diverse services portfolio ranges from web development and mobile apps to quality control and security. We’re passionate about coding and we know how to do it right. 

Haffo team members are specialists who are among the world’s best and brightest.

We build complex software solutions, intuitive mobile apps and creative websites for startups, mid-size businesses and large enterprises, helping them reach their full potential and increase profits. Dozens of companies of all shapes and sizes rely on our custom development solutions in their day-to-day operations.

From startups to enterprises, we create products that matter.


Custom Remote Development Team

To exceed your outsourcing, software, web, mobile, development, coding and programming expectations, Haffo assembles a custom remote team of professional developers and project management specialists at our offshore development center. Each team is handpicked to service each client’s unique IT needs.

Research and Investigation

Whether your idea pertains to mobile or web, we’ll undertake a thorough investigation into the potential of all relevant tech ideas, and research the best path to realization. We’ll also research any existing solutions and (if available) competitors’ expertise.

Business Automation

Business automation typically requires a complex solution, and Haffo is up to the challenge. We design and develop the client’s desired automation system, taking responsibility for the software’s coding and the programming for both web and mobile platforms.

Application Development

Our approach to any software product lifecycle is straightforward: plan / design / development / testing / deployment / maintenance / renewal. The planning phase, where everything begins, includes gaining an understanding of the client’s requirements, business approach, goals and competitors.

Software Re-engineering

Updating, refining, refurbishing, repairing and reengineering legacy software are all tasks with which Haffo team of IT outsourcing professionals is very comfortable with.

Mobility for Business

Mobility is a critical ingredient for any business’s success, and Haffo's IT outsourcing professionals can assist you with a number of business mobility/enterprise mobility needs.


optimization, migration and replication services, our data scientist are not afraid of row count, even when it’s 100B

Internet scrapers

of any complexity! our internal scrappers overall working 12240 hours total in 1 month

In partnership with us


Safety First

Deciding to outsource your project offshore isn’t an easy decision — but we're doing all to minimize your risk and maximize the reward.

International Expertise

 Our developers and managers are familiar with U.S., Canada and Western Europe business practices. 

Speaking with You

Our friendly crew attends to your needs from the moment you first contact Haffo. The first person you’ll speak with is one of our Outsourcing Consultants. Experienced, knowledgeable and sociable, they’ll help you choose the most effective platform, explain the development process and confirm budget and timeframe.

Business matters

Ok, so you’ve talked every day with your dedicated project manager and now you’re curious how Haffo organizes your offshore project from our development center in Armenia? Come visit us in Armenia!


Living and learning is what life is all about. Two decades of software delivery has taught us how to effectively manage many different project types and optimize cooperation between development teams and the different departments engaged in your project

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